Our Story

When we started, we put most of our intention and investment in product development, market research, and user experience of an electric bike. From every electric bikes that we built, there is always new experience and lesson that enables us to improve for the next design and build.

We established our first store in Bandung in 2014; this has given us lost of new perspective on what customer needs. Customer becomes friends, and we get lots of constructive feedbacks for our product development. In the end we are aiming to give customer a durable and of course electric bike should be fun!

In 2016, we are giving a new name for our baby store becoming “Trektown”. This is a store focusing on building custom electric bike for our customers. It’s a transformation, and refreshing both for the customers and us. It’s a place where everyone can share their ideas and learn more about electric bikes.

Our goal is to be present in many parts of cities in the world as “local electric bike store”.