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Bafang 750W BBS02 and the New and Improved DIY EBIKE

The Bafang 750w BBS02 and its soon to be unleashed big brother the Bafang 1000W Heavy Duty is creating a stir in the DIY and commercial ebike scene. The BBS02 is probably the best selling kit in the country for DIY ebike builders. It has easily trumped any hub motor kit as the best selling and most exciting kit, and for good reason.

What the Bafang offers is an expensive commercial bike experience at an affordable price. Consider the following commercial bikes:

The Optibike

When I first started, one of my first reviews was on the Optibke 800 watt, which back then was a $12,000 bike. Today they offer a 1100 watt version with a 48 volt / 20-Ah battery for around $14,000. Until recently these bikes were in a class of their own…they could climb mountains with their 1100 watt mid drives, which no reasonably priced bike could do at the time.

The Bosch powered E-bikes

Consider all the beautiful Bosch drives, which recently tried to make a splash in the United States, but…kind of belly flopped. The Bosch drive was designed for the European market and therefore is only rated at 250 watts. It is a beautiful system and it runs incredibly smooth with its amazing torque sensor and silent operation…but wait, it has no balls. You feel bionic but with no balls.

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